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Listed below are some of the very few available recordings of traditional and contemporary ichigenkin. There is also one track of the nigenkin. There is only one CD of nigenkin we are aware of, but it is now out of print. We are not aware of any CDs of Yakumo-goto, although there may be some sold locally in Japan.


Senuhima - Music for Japanese Ichigenkin
A remarkable CD of contemporary and traditional music for the Japanese ichigenkin, a rare one string zither. Issui Minegishi is the hereditary Grand Master of Seikyodo Ichigenkin, and performs works by some of the best composers for the instruments. This is a limited release Japanese CD.

Issui Minegishi: ichigenkin, Ichiyo Saito: ichigenkin
Retsuzan Tanabe: shakuhachi

Available at ASZA.com       Sample Track: Kagen no Tsuki


Music for Japanese Ichigenkin
A rare CD of traditional music for the Japanese ichigenkin by the Head Teacher of the Seikyodo Ichigenkin.

Ichiyo Saito: ichigenkin

Available at ASZA.com       


Koto - Music of the One-string Ichigenkin
The first CD of ichigenkin released in the west. Recorded by Isshi Yamada of Seikyodo Ichigenkin when she was living in Hawaii in 1967.

Isshi Yamada: Ichigenkin
Fuzan Sato: Shakuhachi

Hear samples at Emusic


Distant Wind - New Directions for Chinese Zheng
A CD of contemporary Chinese zheng (long zither) music that features the ichigenkin on one track.

Mei Han: zheng, bowed zheng
Randy Raine-Reusch: zheng. bowed zheng, ichigenkin, hun, bili, sho
Laurence Mollerup: acoustic bass

Available at ASZA.com       Sample Track: Tokyo Crows


Music of Japanese People - A Collection of Unique Musical Instruments
Contains only one track of ichigenkin and contemporary voice composed and performed by Chiseko Yokata. Also includes a number of rarely heard Japanese instruments such as the wood topped gottan farmers shamisen, the Ainu 5-string tonkori zither, the Ainu jaw harp mukkuri, the small bowed shamisen-like kokyu. the iwabue stone flute, and others.

Available from Far Side Music


New Music for Asian Zithers
Music that challenges tradition, creating a new direction and expression for the Korean kayageum, Chinese zheng, Japanese ichigenkin, and Japanese nigenkin.

Randy Raine-Reusch: kayageum, zheng, ichigenkin, nigenkin, sho, hun, suling, changgo
Jon Gibson: soprano sax
Stuart Dempster: trombone
Jin Hi Kim: electric kumungo
Barry Truax: Granular Synthesis
William O. Smith: clarinet

Available at ASZA.com       
Ichigenkin Sample Track: October Moon
Nigenkin Sample Track: Bamboo Forest..a Stone...Wind Bells


Spirit Journies
Each of these works represents a journey through acoustic space and time, based on different cultural contexts: spiritual, secular, aboriginal, Asian.

Barry Truax: Digital Soundtracks
Chenoa Anderson: alto flute
Randy Raine-Reusch: ichigenkin & shakuhachi

Sample at Electrod Cd